Leadership and Staff

Leadership and Staff
Leadership Team
Principal Mr Phillip Tax
Acting Assistant Principal Mrs Jo Simpson
Acting Religious Education Coordinator Mrs Genevieve Dewberry
Coordinator (English and Diverse Learning) Mrs Beth Bianco
Coordinator (Science and HSIE) Miss Olivia Norris
Coordinator (eLearning/ICT) Mrs Nadia Marasigan
Administration Staff
Office and Administration Mrs Melanie Mitsoulas
  Mrs Tracey Harmston
  Mrs Tara Cahill
Learning Support Officers
Learning Support  Ms Lyn Ambrose
  Ms Cathy Bunting
  Ms Cathy Clifford
  Ms Kerry Mahoney
  Ms Michelle McIntosh
  Ms Ellen Miller
  Ms Sharon Pointon
  Ms Charmaine Sleishman
  Ms Angela Wainwright
Teaching and Support Staff
Kindergarten Ms Kate Sarah Walsh
Mrs Katherine Simpson
Mrs Ann Skinner
Mrs Michelle McIntosh
Year 1 Mr Alexander Walker
Ms Jessica Hoffmann
Ms Jessica Walker
Year 2 Mr John Roche
Ms Sayra Layt
Ms Zoe Sutherland
Year 3 Ms Ellen Dorrough
Miss Olivia Norris
Mrs Jyoti Kendrigan
Year 4 Ms Olivia Kairies
Mr Shayne Smith
Year 5 Mrs Rebecca Azzi
Mrs Genevieve Dewberry
Mrs Nadia Marasigan
Year 6 Mrs Kate Gill
Ms Joanne Maguire
Mrs Jyoti Kendrigan
Diverse Learning Mrs Beth Bianco
Mrs Elise Cook (Intervention)
Mrs Nicole Atkins (Newman Facilitator & Gifted Education)
Mrs Sharon Robinson (Enrichment)
EAL/D Mrs Nadia Marasigan
Reading Recovery Ms Linda Sturmann
Music/Dance/Drama Ms Margaret Cameron
Ms Zoe Sutherland
Visual Arts Ms Kate Ng
Physical Education (Sport) and
Representative Sport
Mrs Kate Miller
Library Mrs Jennifer Crawley
Family Faith Educator Ms Mouna Roche
ICT Support Officer (ISO) Mr George Smyrneos
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